AI computer vision solutions
for retail and HoReCa
Product recognition and video analysis system for supermarkets, product suppliers, self-service cash desks and security systems
This is a product recognition and video analysis system for catering, supermarkets, product suppliers and security systems
AI Cashier
An automatic dish recognition free-flow system for work cafeterias and restaurants. All the dishes on the tray will be identified by camera and a cash software plugin creates the order so the cashier will only have to accept payment. This means faster check out and less staff costs.

• Recognition of all the dishes in less than one-second
• API for third party software
• Adapted to your food selection
• Operates with unlimited menu
• Used as an "assistant cashier"
• Speed up the check out process
• Integrates with self-service terminals
• Personalized customization not required
• Enables independent monitoring
Food recognition system for catering
Recognition system, machine learning, retail data analysis and HoReCa
Smart Scales
Smart scales will make it easier to recognise unlabelled products at supermarkets, warehouses, production facilities and bakeries etc. Scales with automatic product recognition allows for: faster service at check out and the simplifying of product inventory.

• Instant recognition of products within a second
• Unlimited number of goods
• System recognizes: Vegetables, fruits, greens, pastries, cereals assortment, etc.
• Weighting is done with 1- click and is 99.99% accurate
• Installation of self-service scales and cash registers are included with service
• Cloud and local solutions
• Used for product labelling
• API testing

Product recognition system
Recognition system, machine learning, retail data analysis and HoReCa
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